Used, Refurbished Cisco 3500 Catalyst Switches

The Cisco Catalyst 3500 series of switches are designed by Cisco as a scalable line of stackable 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet switches. Netvision Technologies Provides,  refurbished and used Cisco Catalyst 3500 switches in most configurations. Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series accessories and modules are also available. Netvision Technologies offers 90 days Warranty and the lowest price on Used Cisco 3500 Switches. All Cisco switches including Cisco Catalyst 3500 switches are fully tested and guaranteed.

Cisco C3500 Chassis
WS-C3508G-XL-A Catalyst 3508G XL Standard Edition
WS-C3508G-XL-EN Catalyst 3508G XL: 8 GBIC ports
WS-C3512-XL-A Catalyst 3512 XL Standard Edition
WS-C3512-XL-EN Catalyst 3512 XL Enterprise Edition
WS-C3524-PWR-XL-EN Catalyst 3524-PWR-XL Enterprise Edition
WS-C3524-XL-A Catalyst 3524 XL Standard Edition
WS-C3524-XL-EN Catalyst 3524 XL Enterprise Edition
WS-C3548-XL-EN Catalyst 3548 XL Enterprise Edition
Cisco C3500 GBIC
WS-G5484 1000BASE-SX Short Wavelength GBIC (Multimode only)
WS-G5487 1000Base-ZX extended reach GBIC(singlemode)
WS-G5486 1000BASE-LX/LH long haul GBIC (singlemode or multimode)

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