Used Refurbished Cisco 3550 Series Catalyst Switches India

Cisco Catalyst 3550 series of switches are enterprise-class, stackable, multilayer intelligent Fast/Gigabit Ethernet switches that provide high availability, security and quality of service to enhance the operation of network. Netvision Technologies provides pre-owned, refurbished and used Cisco Catalyst 3550 switches in most configurations. Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series accessories and modules are also available. Netvision Technologies offers 90 days Warranty and the lowest price on Used Cisco 3550 Switches. All Cisco switches including Cisco Catalyst 3550 switches are fully tested and guaranteed. 

Cisco C3550 Chassis
WS-C2970G-24T-E Catalyst 2970 24 10/100/1000T Enhanced Image
WS-C2970G-24TS-E Catalyst 2970 24 10/100/1000T + 4 SFP, Enhanced Image
WS-C3550-12G 10 GBIC ports + 2-10/100/1000 ports: EMI
WS-C3550-12T 10-10/100/1000 ports + 2 GBIC ports: EMI
WS-C3550-24-DC-SMI 24-10/100 + 2 GBIC ports(DC-Pwrd): SMI
WS-C3550-24-EMI 24-10/100 + 2 GBIC ports: EMI
WS-C3550-24-FX-SMI 24-100FX MMF + 2 GBIC ports: SMI
WS-C3550-24PWR-EMI 24-10/100 inline power + 2 GBIC ports: EMI
WS-C3550-24PWR-SMI 24-10/100 inline power + 2 GBIC ports: SMI
WS-C3550-24-SMI 24-10/100 + 2 GBIC ports: SMI
WS-C3550-48-EMI 48-10/100 + 2 GBIC ports: EMI
WS-C3550-48-SMI 48-10/100 + 2 GBIC ports: SMI
Cisco C3550 GBIC
WS-G5484 1000BASE-SX Short Wavelength GBIC (Multimode only)
WS-G5487 1000Base-ZX extended reach GBIC(singlemode)
WS-G5482 1000BASE-T GBIC
WS-G5486 1000BASE-LX/LH long haul GBIC (singlemode or multimode)
WS-X3500-XL GigaStack Stacking GBIC and 50cm cable
Cisco C3550 Redundant Power System
ACC-RPS2300= Spare Accessory Kit for Cisco Redundant Power System 2300
BLNK-RPS2300= Spare Bay Insert for Cisco Redundant Power System 2300
BLWR-RPS2300= Spare 45CFM Blower for Cisco Redundant Power System 2300
C3K-PWR-1150WAC= Catalyst 3750-E/3560-E/RPS 2300 1150WAC power supply spare
C3K-PWR-750WAC= Catalyst 3750-E/3560-E/RPS 2300 750WAC power supply spare
CAB-RPS2300= Spare RPS2300 Cable for Devices other than E-Series Switches
CAB-RPS2300-E= Spare RPS2300 Cable for 3750E/3560E and 2960 PoE Switches
PWR-RPS2300 Cisco Redundant Power System 2300 and Blower,No Power Supply

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