Used and Reurbished Cisco IP Telephony Accessories

Netvision Technologies carries an extensive selection of used, Refurbished and new Cisco IP Telephony Accessories. Our inventory includes popular products such as ATA186/188, Gateway, Phones, and Power Supplies as well as end-of-life and hard-to-find models. All products are tested for quality and performance. We offer 90 days warranty for all used and refurbished products.

Cisco IP Phones Accessories  
CP-BATT-7920-EXT Cisco 7920 Battery, Extended
CP-BATT-7920-STD Cisco 7920 Battery, Standard
CP-DOC-7920-USER-E Cisco 7920 User Guide, English
CP-DOUBLFOOTSTAND Footstand kit for 2 7914s
CP-DSKCH-BUN-7920 Cisco 7920 Desk Top Charger ASSY, Standard Package
CP-EARBUD-7920-ST Cisco 7920 Series Wired Ear-Bud, Standard
CP-HANDSET Handset for 7900 series phones
CP-HANDSET-CORD Handset cord for 7900 series phones
CP-LAN-CORD Spare LAN cord for 7900 Series IP phones
CP-LCKNGWALLMNT2 Universal Locking Wallmount Kit for 7900 Series IP Phones
CP-LCKNGWALLMOUNT Locking Wallmount Kit for the 7910, 7940, 7960 IP Phones
CP-SINGLFOOTSTAND Footstand kit for single 7914
CP-WALLMOUNTKIT Non-Locking Wall Mount Kit for 7910, 7940, 7960 IP Phones
Cisco Accessories MCS-7800 
MCS-EXT-DAT External DAT tape drive for MCS servers
MCS-EXT-SCSI SCSI card option for external DAT drive
MCS-EXT-SDLT External SDLT drive for MCS servers
MCS-OS-2000.2.4 MCS Server Legacy OS (2000.2.4) Image Kit
MCS-SPARE-18.2GB 18.2GB SCSI Ultra 3 10K 1
MCS-SPARE-18GB 18.2 GB Utlra 2 SCSI Drive Spare for the MCS-7835
MCS-SPARE-9GB 9.1 GB SCSI Drive Spare for the MCS-7830
MCS-SPARE-CPUFAN CPU Fan Spare for the MCS-7835
MCS-SPARE-DAT 12/24 DAT Tape Drive Spare for the MCS-7835
MCS-SPARE-IOFAN I/O Fan with Bracket for the MCS-7830
MCS-SPARE-RIB RIB Card Spare for the MCS-7830
MCS-SPARE-RPS Redundant Power Supply Spare for the MCS-7830
MCS-SPARE-SAC-221 Smart Array Controller 221 Spare for the MCS-7830
MCS-SPARE-SPSFAN SPS-130CFM Fan for the MCS-7830
Cisco Accessories MCS-7800 
MCS-7815-1000-HW Hardware option- Software NOT included
MCS-7815-1000-RDT Redundant 7815-1000s with CCM and power cords
MCS-7825-1133-CH1 MCS-7825-1133 w/CallManager and PWR Cord
MCS-7825-1133-HW MCS-7825-1133 Hardware option class-No Software-No Spares
MCS-7835-1266-DAT MCS-7835-1266 / MCS-7845-1400 HP 20/40 DAT Drive
MCS-7835-1266-FAN HP Fan for MCs-7835-1266 / MCS-7845-1400
MCS-7835-1266-NTD MCS-7835-1266 Server w/out Tape Drive-No Software-No Spares
MCS-7835-1266-TD MCS-7835-1266 Server w/ Tape Drive-No Software-No Spares
MCS-7845-1400-HW MCS-7845-1400 Server
MCS-STARTERKIT-5 MCS-7825-1133, (5)7960 IP Phones, (5)Power Cubes/Cords

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