Used & Refurbished Cisco AIRONET Mounting Equipment

Netvision Technologies carries an extensive selection of used, refurbished and new Cisco Mounting Equipment. Our inventory includes popular products such as Access Points, Antennas, and Bridges as well as end-of-life and hard-to-find models. All used and refurbished Cisco Mounting Equipment are rigorously inspected and tested to ensure quality and performance like new.

Cisco AIRONET Mounting Equipment
AIR-ACC1622 RP-TNC Male Connector for 9913 Cable
AIR-ACC1623 RP-TNC Female Connector for 9913 Cable
AIR-ACC1655 RP-TNC Male Connector for RG-58 Cable
AIR-ACC1725 Magnetic Antenna Mount Base w/RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ACC1828 RP-TNC Female Connector for RG-58 Cable
AIR-ACC1833 340 Series Bridge Mounting Kit
AIR-ACC2228 Dipole Antenna Mount
AIR-ACC245LA-R 2.4 and 5 GHz Lightning Arrestor, RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ACC2537-018 18 inch (.5m) Bulkhead Extender
AIR-ACC2537-060 60 in (1.5m) RP-TNC Ant. Cable w/Mounting Bracket
AIR-ACC2538 RP-TNC Connector with Mounting Bracket
AIR-ACC2662 Antenna Mount for use with ANT1949
AIR-ACC3354 Lightning Arrestor with grounding ring, RP-TNC Connector
AIR-ACC3986-001 Slide mount kit for Bridges
AIR-ACC5559-072 Serial Cable for 340/350 Series AP Console Port Cnfg
AIR-ACCBRGB Aironet 1400 Series Grounding Block
AIR-ACCMFM1400 Aironet 1400 Multi Function Mount
AIR-ACCRMK1300 Aironet 1300 Roof Mount Kit
AIR-ACCRWM1400 Aironet 1400 Roof/Wall Mount Kit
AIR-ACCWAMK1300 Aironet 1300 Wall Mount Kit

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