Used, Refurbished Cisco AS 5350 Access Servers

The Cisco AS5350 access servers is designed by Cisco to provide carrier class scalability and multiprotocol capabilities for both service providers and enterprises. Netvision Technologies carries, refurbished and used Cisco AS5350 access servers in most configurations. Refurbished Cisco access server accessories and modules are also available. We offer 90 days Warranty and the lowest price on used Cisco AS5350 Access Servers. All Cisco Access Servers including Cisco AS5350 access servers are fully tested and guaranteed.

Cisco AS5350 Chassis
AS5350 5350 Chassis with Motherboard, 1 DFC Carrier Card
AS5350-AC AC AS5350 Chassis with IOS IP+ and Default Memory
AS5350-DC DC AS5350 Chassis with IOS IP+ and Default Memory
Cisco AS5350 Accessories
AS5350RM-19/24 AS5350 19/24 Rackmount Kit, Spare
Cisco AS5350 Chassis Bundles
AS535-16E1-480ISDN 2 Octal E1/PRI DFC Card
AS535-24E1-720ISDN 3 Octal E1/PRI DFC Card
AS535-2E1-60-AC AC AS5350; 2E1, 60 ports, IP+ IOS, 60 Data Lic
AS535-2E1-60-AC-V AC AS5350 Voice; 2E1, 60 ports, IP+ IOS, 60 ENHVOX Lic
AS535-2E1-60NP 60 universal ports, 1 Dual E1/PRI DFC Card
AS535-2T1-48-AC AC AS5350; 2T1, 60 ports, IP+ IOS, 48 Data Lic
AS535-2T1-48-AC-V AC AS5350 Voice; 2T1, 60 ports, IP+ IOS, 48 ENHVOX Lic
AS535-2T1-48NP 60 universal ports, 1 Dual T1/PRI DFC Card
AS535-4E1-120-AC AC AS5350; 4E1, 120 ports, IP+ IOS, 120 Data Lic
AS535-4E1-120-AC-V AC AS5350 Voice; 4E1,120 ports, IP+ IOS, 120 ENHVOX Lic
AS535-4E1-120NP 120 universal ports, 1 Quad E1/PRI DFC Card
AS535-4T1-108NP 108 universal ports, 1 Quad T1/PRI DFC Card
AS535-4T1-96-AC AC AS5350; 4T1, 108 ports, IP+ IOS, 96 Data Lic
AS535-4T1-96-AC-V AC AS5350 Voice; 4T1, 108 ports, IP+ IOS, 96 ENHVOX Lic
AS535-8E1-210-AC AC AS5350; 8E1,216 ports,240 ISDN ports,IP+ IOS,210 Data Lic
AS535-8E1-210-AC-V AC AS5350 Voice; 8E1,216 ports, IP+ IOS, 210 ENHVOX Lic
AS535-8E1-216NP 216 universal port, 1 Octal E1/PRI DFC Card
AS535-8E1-240ISDN 1 Octal E1/PRI DFC Card
AS535-8T1-108NP 108 universal ports, 1 Octal T1/PRI DFC Card
AS535-8T1-192-AC AC AS5350; 8T1, 216 ports, IP+ IOS, 192 Data Lic
AS535-8T1-192-AC-V AC AS5350 Voice; 8T1,216 ports, IP+ IOS, 192 ENHVOX Lic
AS535-8T1-216NP 216 universal ports, 1 Octal T1/PRI DFC Card
AS535-CT3-216NP 216 universal ports, CT3 DFC Card
Cisco AS5350 Power Supplies
AS535-AC-PWR AS5350 AC Power Supply, Spare
AS535-AC-RPS AS5350 AC Redundant Power Supply, Spare
AS535-DC-PWR AS5350 DC Power Supply, Spare
AS535-DC-RPS AS5350 DC Redundant Power Supply, Spare
Cisco AS5350 T1/E1 Cards
AS535-DFC-2CE1 AS5350 Dual CE1/PRI DFC card
AS535-DFC-2CT1 AS5350 Dual T1/PRI DFC card
AS535-DFC-4CE1 AS5350 Quad E1/PRI DFC card
AS535-DFC-4CT1 AS5350 Quad T1/PRI DFC card
AS535-DFC-60NP AS5350 60 Nextport DFC card
AS535-DFC-8CE1 AS5350 Octal E1/PRI DFC card
AS535-DFC-8CT1 AS5350 Octal T1/PRI DFC card
Cisco AS5350 Modem Cards
AS53-54-C MICA Carrier Card and 9 MICA 6-Port Modem Modules
AS535-80-AC-V AS5350;Single AC, IP+ IOS, 80 ENHVOX Lic
AS535-DFC-108NP AS5350 108 Universal Port Card
AS535-DFC-CC AS5350 DFC Carrier Card
AS535-FTA AS5350 Fan Tray Assembly, Spare

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