Used, Refurbished Cisco IPTV Products

A Cisco content networking product, Cisco IP/TV is the easily deployed solution for delivering networked video with superior ease of use and integration with IP network services. Cisco IP/TV supports live and scheduled video, video on demand, synchronized presentations and screen captures, and several other video management functions. Netvision Technologies offer 90 days Warranty and the lowest price on Refurbished Cisco IP/TV Products. All Cisco IP/TV Products are fully tested and guaranteed for performance and quality.

Cisco IPTV

IPTV-1HDU2HD IPTV 344X Upgrade: 1 default drive to 2 hard drives
IPTV-3400-KEYBRD Spare Keyboard for the IP/TV 3400 Series Hardware Servers
IPTV-3400-MOUSE Spare Mouse for the IP/TV 3400 Series Hardware Servers
IPTV-3411-CTRL Cisco IP/TV 3411 Control Server
IPTV-3412-CTRL Cisco IP/TV 3412 Control Server
IPTV-3415-START Cisco IP/TV 3415 Starter System w/ MPEG1, MPEG2 Half D1
IPTV-3417-START-M Cisco IP/TV 3417 MPEG-1, MPEG-2 Half D1Starter System
IPTV-3421-BCAST Cisco IP/TV 3421 Broadcast Server MPEG4,MPEG1,MPEG2 Half D1
IPTV-3422-BCAST Cisco IP/TV 3422 MPEG4 Broadcast Server
IPTV-3423-BCAST Cisco IP/TV 3423 Broadcast Server MPEG4,MPEG1,MPEG2 Full D1
IPTV-3424-BCAST-W Cisco IP/TV 3424 MPEG-4 Broadcast Server
IPTV-3425-BCAST-M Cisco IP/TV 3425 MPEG-1, MPEG-2 Full D1 Broadcast Server
IPTV-3426-BCAST IPTV Broadcast Server
IPTV-3427-BCAST-C1 IPTV Broadcast Server, (6) MPEG-4 ports
IPTV-3427-BCAST-C2 Cisco IP/TV 3427 Broadcast Server, (6) MPEG-4, (2) MPEG-1/2
IPTV-3427-BCAST-C3 Cisco IP/TV 3427 Broadcast Server, (2) MPEG-4, (3) MPEG-1/2
IPTV-3431-ARCH Cisco IP/TV 3431 Archive Server
IPTV-3432-ARCH Cisco IP/TV 3432 Archive Server
IPTV-3441-BCAST Cisco IP/TV 3441 Broadcast Server, (1) MPEG-1/2
IPTV-3442-BCAST Cisco IP/TV 3442 Broadcast Server, (4) MPEG-4
IPTV-CM-3.0 IP/TV Content Manager
IPTV-CM-3.0-UPG Ver. Upg. 1.x, 2.x to 3.0 IP/TV Content Manager for Windows
IPTV-CM-3.2-UPG Ver. Upg. 1.x, 2.x to 3.2 IP/TV Content Manager for Windows
IPTV-DISK-80GB 80 GB SATA Disk Drive for IPTV-344X, spare
IPTV-MP4-W1010 Cisco IP/TV MPEG-4 encoder card, 1-port, spare
IPTV-MP4-W4400 Cisco IP/TV 4-port MPEG-4 card, spare
IPTV-MPEG2-CABLE Spare cable set for MPEG 2 HD1/FD1 Cards
IPTV-MPEG2-FD1 MPEG1/MPEG2 Full D1 Resolution Capture Card
IPTV-MPEG2-HD1 MPEG1/MPEG2 Half D1 Resolution Capture Card
IPTV-SERV-3.0-UPG Ver. Upg. 1.x, 2.x to 3.0 IP/TV Server for Windows NT
IPTV-SERV-3.2-UPG Ver. Upg. 2.x, 3.x to 3.2 IP/TV Server for Windows NT
IPTV-SERV-5.1-UPG Cisco IP/TV Server Upgrade from 3.x to 5.1
IPTV-START-HD1-3.0 Cisco IP/TV Starter Kit & MPEG1/MPEG2 Half D1 Capture Card
IPTV-VIEW-BASE-3.0 IP/TV 3.0 Viewer Base Kit, Includes docs, CD, 1 license
IPTV-VIEW-MPG4-LIC 100 MPEG-4 Client License
IPTV-W1010-CABLE Cisco IP/TV MPEG-4 Cable Kit, spare
IPTV-W4400-CABLE Cisco IP/TV MPEG-4 Encoder Card Spare Cables

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