Used & Refurbished Cisco AIRONET Power Supplies

Netvision Technologies provides an extensive selection of used, refurbished and new-surplus Cisco Power Supplies. Our inventory includes popular products such as Access Points, Antennas, and Bridges as well as end-of-life and hard-to-find models. All used and refurbished Cisco Power Supplies are rigorously inspected and tested to ensure quality and performance like new.

Cisco AIRONET Power Supplies
AIR-PWR1400 Aironet 1400 Series Power Supply
AIR-PWR1783 350 WorkGroup Bridge 110V Only Power Supply- Spare
AIR-PWR1793 350 WorkGroup Bridge110-220 V Power Supply- Spare
AIR-PWR1995 110V Power Supply Spare for Bridge
AIR-PWR2124-002 110/220V Power Supply Spare for Bridge, no line cord
AIR-PWR3535-001 Standard Power Supply for UC/MC
AIR-PWR3706-STD Universal Power Supply for UC/MC
AIR-PWR4852 110V Power Supply Spare 340 Series AP
AIR-PWR4855 Universal Power Supply Spare 340 Series AP
AIR-PWR-A Pwr Sply In:100-240VAC Out:48VDC 380mA -1100, 1130AG, 1200
AIR-PWR-CORD-AR AIR Line Cord Argentina/Uraguay Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-AU AIR Line Cord Australia Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-CE AIR Line Cord Central Europe Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-CH AIR Line Cord China Main Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-DM AIR Line Cord Denmark Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-IS AIR Line Cord Israel Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-IT AIR Line Cord Italy Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-JP AIR Line Cord Japan Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-NA AIR Line Cord North American Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-SA AIR Line Cord South Africa/India Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-SW AIR Line Cord Switzerland Spare
AIR-PWR-CORD-UK AIR Line Cord United Kingdom Spare
AIR-PWRINJ 350 Single Port Power Injector- Spare
AIR-PWRINJ1 350 series AP and Bridge 110-220V Power Injector
AIR-PWRINJ3 Power Injector for 1100, 1130AG, 1200 1230AG Series
AIR-PWRINJ-BLR1 Aironet 1400 Bridge Power Injector - LR
AIR-PWRINJ-FIB Power Injector Media Converter for 1100, 1130AG, 1200,1230AG
AIR-PWR-SPLY-AP AIR Line Cord APAC/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-AR AIR Line Cord Argentina/Uraguay/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-AU AIR Line Cord Australia/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-CE AIR Line Cord Central Europe/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-CH AIR Line Cord China Main/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-DM AIR Line Cord Denmark/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-IS AIR Line Cord Israel/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-IT AIR Line Cord Italy/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-JP AIR Line Cord Japan/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-NA AIR Line Cord North America/Domestic Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-SA AIR Line Cord South Africa/India/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-SW AIR Line Cord Switzerland/Universal Power Supply
AIR-PWR-SPLY-UK AIR Line Cord United Kingdom/Universal Power Supply

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